Health (s)Care

When a critical incident occurs that could affect countless lives, the most important thing to do is provide timely information.

This was not the case in Ottawa.

According to an article in the Montreal Gazette, Dr. Isra Levy, the city’s medical officer, said the specific clinic was not initially identified on Saturday because the city’s medical system would not have been ready to respond on the weekend to concerns of everyone who might be at risk.

He said, “”It would have been irresponsible to release information before the necessary and important supports were in place.”

Now, I realize the seriousness of the issue, but that being said, there should have been measures in place specifically for a critical incident such as this. The response from Dr. Levy seemed to do nothing but fuel mass speculation and fear in the Ottawa region. It also gave the negative perception that it wasn’t equipped to deal with the situation, even if it may have been acting with the utmost deliberateness.

All in all, the situation could have been handled in a better way.

Your thoughts on what Dr. Levy could’ve done better?


About David Driedger

I'm a Creative Communications student at Red River College majoring in public relations. I have a BA with a double major in political studies and history from the University of Manitoba. I'm also the news editor for The Projector.
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