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Not a whole lot “civilized” about Pat Martin’s tweet

I’d just like to preface this post with the following: I’m not surprised in the least that Pat Martin used expletives on his Twitter account. Furthermore, I’m not surprised he’s not apologizing.

That being said, should he apologize?

Martin, the Winnipeg Centre MP used expletives when describing his anger about the Conservatives forcing an end to debate on the budget implementation bill. He tweeted:

Picture from the Winnipeg Sun

Martin was quoted as saying that he doesn’t think his Twitter outburst compromises a pledge he made last spring to “choose civility” when debating, because he is still respectful in the House of Commons.

In an article in the Winnipeg Free Press, he said: “I don’t heckle. I don’t use vulgar language in the House. Twitter is speaking to your universe. I was civil in the House.”

Unfortunately, people in Martin’s “universe” might be offended by his colourful use of language.

Perhaps Conservative MP Vic Toews was right when he said:
“It’s disgusting. Nothing is going to happen. (I’m not going to get into the fact that he later went on to call Martin an idiot – so much for civility on all sides…).”

The truth is, the Tweet is essentially keeping in line with Martin’s fiery brand. As offensive as it might be to some, it’s almost trademark Pat Martin. And, as Toews said, nothing is going to happen. And for better or worse,  in a few days everybody’s going to forget anyways.

Any other politician would’ve apologized, but it would almost go against everything Martin is if he did. So should he apologize?


About David Driedger

I'm a Creative Communications student at Red River College majoring in public relations. I have a BA with a double major in political studies and history from the University of Manitoba. I'm also the news editor for The Projector.
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