University degrees fail to provide competitive edge

– big surprise there, I know. 

In a recent article in the National Post written by Matt Gurney, the writer chronicles his encounter with disaffected university students who are approaching their graduation. He noted that the students were realizing that their arts degrees might not be enough to land a job, and postulated that perhaps that explained the rising trend of Canadian college courses for a particular skill or trade being attended by students who already have a university degree that gave them no competitive edge in the job market.

As an individual who spent years obtaining a arts degree only to quickly realize it really doesn’t provide very many meaningful employment opportunities, the move to study specialized courses in college was an absolute no brainer.

The opportunity to study courses in a hands-on environment, with the added bonus of work placements, has proven to be invaluable. For the first time in my post-secondary career – and let’s face it, I’ve been in school long enough to call it a career – I feel optimistic about the job market because of the training I’ve received.

And therein lies the major distinction between: university provides you with the training to think critically, but it doesn’t necessarily give you any specialized skills that will help you land a job or help you distinguish yourself from every other post-secondary graduate with an arts degree.

That being said, do I regret going to university? Absolutely not – my university degree helped me get into college.


About David Driedger

I'm a Creative Communications student at Red River College majoring in public relations. I have a BA with a double major in political studies and history from the University of Manitoba. I'm also the news editor for The Projector.
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