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Red River College Students’ Association strengthens mandate, improving outreach online and on campus

The Red River College Students’ Association (RRCSA) was busy over the summer break making changes to its bylaws, implementing a new branding strategy, and engaging students online. The initiatives undertaken are meant to strengthen its mandate and improve its ability to connect with students.

Last year, the Student Advisory Board’s Governance Committee began the process of revising RRCSA’s bylaws, which hadn’t been updated since 2001. The RRCSA made final changes to the association’s bylaws this summer. The modifications are designed to strengthen the RRCSA’s mandate, which will effectively allow it to provide better services to students.

In order to get ideas on how to improve their bylaws, the RRSCA reviewed bylaws from other post-secondary institutions’ students’ associations, including the University of Calgary’s Students’ Union, the University of Waterloo Federation of Students, and the Dalhousie Student Union.

RRCSA President Alex Haas noted, “(our old bylaws) were vague. We compared ours to the ones at the University of Calgary, among others. We changed ours with help from a legal advisor and with help from the Governance Committee.” Haas added, “we made the bylaws broader, and we updated them. There were no major changes, we’re just expanding on details.”

The RRCSA also launched its social media campaign over the break. Members of the RRCSAexecutive started writing blogs to keep students up to date on the latest news and developments. Haas said that improving communication between the RRCSA and students was important. “A lot of people don’t know about half of the services we have going on. It’s one way to keep students posted on what we’re doing.”

To further promote the RRCSA and improve its visibility online and on campus, it enlisted the services of Red River College (RRC) students Michelle Choy and Mike Badejo. The duo is tasked with trying to enhance the RRSCA’s brand recognition. Choy and Badejo have created Facebook sites, and used the popular social media site Twitter to promote RRSCA activities to a broader audience.

“We’re trying to spread the word about the RRCSA, enhance its image within the community, and we’re looking to improve accessibility and visibility of the Students’ Association,” said Choy.

Badejo added, “We want to engage as many people as possible. Improving the RRCSA’s brand will be an ongoing project for years to come. They haven’t done something like this before.”


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